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5th April 2024

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Harsh Vardhan Mishra

(17 Years Experience)
Practice Head
(Salesforce, Apex, ML & Data Science, Python)

He is a seasoned trainer with expertise in IT services like Salesforce, Apex C, and Python. He holds degrees in B.Tech, M.Tech, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering, along with AI and ML certifications. He’s dedicated to mentoring professionals across diverse sectors and aims to equip them with essential career skills.

Mohit Kumar

(12 Years Experience)
Practice Head
(Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Mohit, a seasoned Practice Head, holds MCA and M.Tech degrees in software engineering. He excels in preparing, conducting, and evaluating technical training programs and is an expert in Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Having trained more than 2500 students, Mohit has a wide range of specialized skills and deep domain knowledge in these technologies and others.

Why Learn Python?

Python is a beginner-friendly programming language with straightforward syntax, making it easy to grasp for newcomers.

Learning Python equips you with skills applicable across various industries, including web development, data science, machine learning, and automation. Its extensive libraries and frameworks simplify complex tasks, making it a top choice for both beginners and experienced programmers.

What To Expect:

Our Python workshop is designed to cater to all skill levels, from curious beginners to seasoned developers looking to enhance their expertise.

Led by industry experts passionate about training & skill development, you’ll dive into hands-on exercises, real-world projects, and collaborative learning experiences that will solidify your understanding of Python fundamentals and beyond.

Workshop Overview:

Take a Tour of the expertly curated Workshop curriculum of Python language

  • Python basics: variables, data types, and basic operations
  • Control flow: loops and conditional statements
  • Functions and modules
  • Data structures: lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets
  • File handling
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts
  • Error handling and debugging techniques

Workshop Highlights:

Interactive Learning:

Engage in dynamic discussions, live coding sessions, and Q&A opportunities with our experienced trainers.

Practical Projects:

Apply your newfound knowledge to build hands-on projects, fostering confidence in your abilities.

Networking Opportunities:

Forge valuable connections with the Python enthusiast, exchange ideas, & expand your network.


Earn a prestigious certificate upon completion, showcasing your expertise in Python programming.

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Want to become Job-ready In Python?

Unlock the full potential of Python with the LearNowX comprehensive Python course. Dive into practical applications & real-world projects, from data analysis to web development, mastering essential Python concepts. Equip yourself with in-demand skills employers seek, ensuring you’re job-ready upon completion.